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History becomes legacy

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For a company with over 117 years of tradition, AAA’s past was becoming the sole focus of the brand. So how do you take over a century of caché and leverage it to build an exciting future? Glad you asked.

Meet in the Middle

After a year of quarantine, many of us hadn’t ventured out to see their friends and family. So, when folks finally got vaccinated and the restrictions lifted, AAA was in the perfect position to reunite a family via road trip. In this longform piece, we follow a brother and sister on a road trip across the country as they set out to meet in the middle and reconnect.

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The Dark Zone

Thanks to the pandemic, our houses were our offices, classrooms, gyms, and virtual happy hour bars. AAA took this opportunity to remind people how much space is actually out there with an epic road trip to an official dark sky area. Instead of spacing out to Zoom calls, we zoomed into outer space for a view into the ever-expanding universe. Claustrophobia averted.

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AAA Insurance

Most insurance companies talk about speed and convenience. They brag about technology like chat bots and online price tools. But for AAA, that approach was crazy. Cars and homes take years to save up for. Mortgages take a lifetime to pay off. With all the hard work, discipline, and love that people put into these “objects,” the last thing we wanted to do was disrespect them with 15 minutes. Or less. This campaign brings the humanity back into a superficial category.

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The De-jargonator

Understanding finances, insurance, and loans is confusing with all the jargon. The people at AAA, who deal with insurance and finance every day, wanted to help. So, we created a way for people to understand these terms on their terms by allowing the user to choose what type of explanation of a complicated subject is best suited for them. Into sports? Choose the baseball analogy. Not a jock? Try the gamer analogy. We de-jargoned jargon with an entertaining choose-your-own-adventure explainer series.

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