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Understanding finances, insurance, and loans is confusing with all the jargon. The people at AAA, who deal with insurance and finance every day, wanted to help. So, we created a way for people to understand these terms on their terms by allowing the user to choose what type of explanation of a complicated subject is best suited for them. Into sports? Choose the baseball analogy. Not a jock? Try the gamer analogy. We de-jargoned jargon with an entertaining choose-your-own-adventure explainer series.

APR (noun)

The annual cost of a loan, including interest, insurance, and the original fee. Super simple, right? Maybe not. Choose an explanation that speaks to you.

Amortization (noun)

The process of paying off the initial cost of an asset such as a mortgage by periodic payments of principle and interest. Totally makes sense, right? Well, maybe not. To get the picture a little more clearly, how about an analogy? Choose between music and running:

Credit Score (noun)

A number that evaluates creditworthiness based on open accounts, debt owed, and repayment history. About as clear as mud. So, how about a little help? Would you like it explained with gaming or with baseball?

Entertaining Explainers

The subject matter of the campaign is mundane by definition. So we had to make the explanations not only clear, but entertaining. We were able to achieve that through the stylized sets, a great cast of characters and some clever script writing that balanced logic and fun.

How We Did It

Not only were the films entertaining to watch, but they were just as fun to create. Produced, directed and filmed entirely in-house, the Fact & Fiction team, backed by a talented cast and crew, had a great time on production over a fast-paced three-day shoot that we managed to squeeze in just before the 2020 stay-at-home order.

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