Remaking A Classic

Sometimes our clients have goals that, while equally important as driving sales, are more focused on awareness and relevancy.  To celebrate Chili’s 40th birthday, Chili’s wanted to recreate its iconic Baby Back Ribs jingle in a way that was relevant to modern audiences.  Why?  It wanted to increase awareness and relevancy with Millennials in an engaging and authentic manner.  This generation hadn’t even been born when the legendary TV spot first aired. 


It wasn’t enough to just record a new interpretation of the jingle.  Instead, we wanted American Millennials to sing along with us.  So we traveled to New Orleans and Texas to ask street musicians to record spontaneous versions.  We also encouraged people walking along the streets to have fun with us.  The result?  We threaded the clips together into a rousing video and ended with a call-to-action that showed viewers where they could share their own version. 

did you know?

73% of consumers prefer to receive brand information in articles over ads.


We tapped several YouTube influencers to help us launch our initiative to incite user-generated content.  We then utilized all parts of Chili’s ecosystem to distribute our video content—including paid channels, earned channels, and owned channels.  So while the video saw great success on YouTube’s TrueView—where we only paid when consumers chose to watch our video—we also utilized Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ensure we were broadly and efficiently reaching our Millennial audience.  Within a couple weeks, we received more than a hundred video submissions from our target audience.  We re-edited those submissions into an all-new video montage of user-generated content, which today has nearly two million views of its own. 


• Nearly 6 million video views

• Engagement rates of 25% for paid channels and 9.5% for organic channels far exceeded client benchmarks

• Click-through rates for paid ads reached 4.75%, a 26% increase over client benchmark

• YouTube campaign drove 57% lift in relevant searches

What's important in this case study?

We have quantitatively proven that the first dollar spent on any marketing campaign should be spent on creating quality content.  This campaign was just one of many that proved that when a brand has strong content, we can make its media dollars work harder to achieve its objectives. We can successfully engage audiences with content while elevating its products at the same time.

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