Breaking Amazon

Everybody is familiar with the Amazon shopping experience. The endless list of white rectangles, with products on the left and a stack of copy on the right. So, when Amazon offered our pet food client “I and love and you” an opportunity to run video within the shopping feed, we knew exactly what to do. To break through to consumers, we decided to break through their existing shopping experience. And the best part about it, is we did it with cats and dogs. Against Amazon’s recommendation we mimicked a standard shopping tile, then had dogs and cats enter frame to disrupt the elements of the tile and surprise consumers.

We had four unique videos featuring 3 dogs and a cat, that broke through the feed in different ways. We even versioned the videos to include different products when possible.

The work went on to win 4 Addy Awards, including a National Silver, a District Gold and Judges Choice, as well as a local addy, a One Club gold and one of the Top 50 ideas in Denver 2018 (Denver 50).


Originally skeptical and actively opposed to the work, Amazon now uses "Breaking Amazon" as their case study to represent this new video ad unit. The ads generated between 3 to 8 times the return on ad spend than regular search! Oh, and it also had the highest click through rate of any other brands' ads. I guess they came around.

As a highly innovative brand, it’s essential for "I and love and you" to connect with customers and break through the clutter. Video-in-Search was that very platform and "I and love and you" executed flawlessly."

Michael Factor
Account Executive, Amazon
From the moment we saw the storyboards for these ads, we knew Fact & Fiction was onto something amazing. The objective of the Amazon video in beta was to drive engagement in search, so with that metric in mind, we designed an experience that would break through the feed. We know our pet-obsessed target market can't help but stop and watch cute dog and cat we wanted to give them a chance to truly enjoy what they were seeing in their search feed.
Lindsey Rabaut
VP of Marketing, “I and love and you.”


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