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Pets are People, Too


Putting some respect on our pet's names

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These days, more than ever, we think of our pets as more than just pets. We have birthday parties for them, dress them up like babies, and buy homes with their needs in mind. We love them just like we love our people. But when it's time to eat, we treat them like dogs. In this campaign for "I and love and you" we set out to change that fact. Because they're more than pets. Pets are People, Too.

How It Came To Life

The primary piece of content for the campaign was a :30 spot that challenged people to question the food they're feeding their pets, by directly comparing their fur-kids to their actual kids. To reinforce the campaign we created short online videos featuring pet parents who embody our brand promise.

Creating Empathy and a Smirk at the Same Time

It was our goal to make people really think about what they feed their pets. But we didn't want it to be off-putting. It had to be uncomfortable and satisfying, itchy and charming and funny all at the same time. Which made choosing the right cast of characters hugely important.

Art Direction

We created a distinct style to our sets that embraced the quirk of the brand. This helped disarm our viewer, and also communicate the level of love and dedication our pet parents have for their pets. From custom wallpaper to family portraits, Elizabethan Cats to Bulldog Rembrandts, our sets subtly screamed obsessed pet family. If subtly screaming is a thing.

How We Did It

Well, it was a miracle really. We shot during the "Bomb Cyclone" of 2019 in east Denver. Even though it looks like a set, we actually shot on location. We created three distinct worlds in three rooms of a massive early 1900s Colonial home. With the help of Director Elizabeth Orne (of the Famous Group) and DP Brian Lannin, the "Dinner Table" spot's craft shines. It was shot on the Arri Alexa mounted to the Ronin 2 gimbal with a wheel control module, allowing us to put the camera directly in front of our subjects to capture those intimate "Coen-esque" closeups.


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