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February 13, 2020

Winning in the Age of Attention Overload.

By Kyle Taylor / Founding Partner

For decades, many brands (and therefore agencies) operated within the tried and true methodologies of Advertising 101—to get their product, logo, or messaging in front of customers as often, as boldly, and as loudly as possible. Audiences were seen as an empty well, such that if marketers could just pour enough ads and billboards and messages inside, eventually they could lift sales up over the edge.

Oh, how things have changed.

Marketers, for better or worse, are no longer in the driver’s seat. Not only do consumers have more alternatives for their attention than at any point in history—just ask the more than 4 million Google searches made every minute—but they also have more ways to say “No” to your message. Their only option used to be to change the channel, but now they can close the webpage, skip the ad, unfollow the account, or “hide ads like this.”

So why are so many marketers still shouting?

The secret to winning attention (not to mention hearts and wallets) isn't as complicated as you'd think. It's also a core value at Fact & Fiction. Treat others as you'd like to be treated - otherwise known as the golden rule. I believe the best way to earn attention in a sea of shouting is to approach content the same way you'd approach a real-life human being - with respect, contextual relevance and interaction.

Oh, and tell the truth.

Think about how important your time is and the types of content you respond to. Consumers feel the same way. You know why? Because they're not just consumers - they're people. Real life people with hopes, fears, job pressures and dreams. So next time you're about to put a piece of work into the world listing "RTB's" and product attributes, pause for a minute and ask yourself if you're selling or sharing something that adds actual value for the human on the other end of your communication. It's much more valuable to make an impression than to buy impressions. If you want to win the modern audience, emotion is much more powerful than promotion.

No one needs another ad, but everyone could use another reason to smile.

At the end of the day, having the opportunity to make content and find the overlap between brand truths and human truths is a pretty dang awesome gig. We GET to make things, tell stories and help businesses grow. And while driving results is something worth taking very seriously, don't forget that it is OK to add a little humanity into your content. So remember, unless you have an unlimited media budget - it's no longer about what you find interesting about your brand.

It's about what PEOPLE find interesting - and where you can, making it about your brand.

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