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June 15, 2020

How do you feel about restaurants reopening?

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As the Covid-19 curve has flattened, businesses and economies are starting to open back up around the United States. Americans have spent nearly 3 months in quarantine and seemingly locked away from the world. It’s been a love-hate relationship for most people and we’ve definitely learned a lot about ourselves.

One of the most exciting things that comes with businesses re-opening are the restaurants! Deliciously cooked meals that you don’t have to lift a finger to make. Restaurant owners are excited to have customers back, but it remains to be seen about how to best transform their services to fit what may be the new normal. Takeout and online ordering has seen a dramatic increase for most restaurants and though it may slow down, we expect it continue as a mainstream way of ordering for many consumers.

With restaurants re-opening in our local communities, we conducted a small survey of 109 Americans asking some important questions.

1. Are you more likely to dine at a local restaurant or a chain restaurant?

As people start leaving the house to dine in at restaurants, our respondents plan to support their local and regional restaurants before making their way back to chain restaurants. With that in mind, chain restaurants could shift their brand and marketing to fit the needs of their local community. Chains could brand themselves as not as 1 of 1000 restaurants across the United States, but a delicious and safe restaurant who cares about its local customers and the community it serves.

2. How important is a restaurant’s community involvement?

Restaurants could use this opportunity to shift their brand’s voice to a more authentic tone making customers feel safe and excited to dine-in again. By creating campaigns around your commitment to a safe and enjoyable experience, customers may be more willing to choose your restaurant over one who hasn’t taken the same tone with their brand.

3. Do you like the additional products restaurants have started offering? (i.e: grocery bundles, make-at-home meals, new menu items)

One major thing this quarantine has done for most business owners is forcing innovation, often just to stay afloat. We’ve seen major shifts and implementation of online ordering, make-at-home meals and other great deals for customers who can’t dine in. Looking at the graph above it shows people are excited that there are more options from restaurants. Restaurants could see new product offerings and revenue streams they never thought could be profitable but have been proven over the last few months. It’s ample opportunity for restaurants to expand and grow their brand.

If you’re a restaurant or business owner and are having trouble with your brand's message during this time, please reach out to us. We can help craft your perfect story which will elevate your brand and in turn, grow your customer base.

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